Compassionate Catalogue 18

"be rich in good deeds, be generous, be willing to share," 1 Tim 6-18

This is our fourteenth "Compassionate Catalogue"

It is presented on behalf of ministries in India, Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands:

Bethesda Disability Training and Support Centre (Solomon Islands)

SWIM - Short Workshops In Mission - overseen by Solomon Islands Workgroup

O.M.B. - Overseas Mission Board of the RCNZ - Working in Papua New Guinea

W.T. - World Transform - A subcommittee of the CRCA

G.O.S.P.E.L. - Gujarat Outreach Support Planting Churches, Economic Change and Literacy a CRCA church planting partnership in C/W India

Peniel - A Vocational Training college for very poor young women in India

Each of the gifts in this catalogue promotes internationally focused development, diaconal and Word based ministries that the CRCA and RCNZ are variously associated with. We are presenting this selection of gifts that highlight many aspects of need and various opportunities for a partnership in Asia and the Pacific. All these gifts are associated with a project which the CRCA and RCNZ's Committees are happy to commend as worthy of support.

How it works

When you choose an item from the "Compassionate Catalogue", we will allocate your donation for the designated item to the respective program.