Peniel Community College

Peniel Community College is located near the slums of Bangalore, India.
The mission of Peniel Community College is to train very poor, vulnerable young women from many religious, ethnic and cultural backgrounds. The training is performed by dedicated, qualified, experienced, and professional Christian teachers in sewing, embroidery, garment design, nursing, computer skills and literacy.
Life is especially tough for girls growing up in poverty in India. They are often mistreated, abused and rejected by their parents because of their hardships and ignorance.  The girls at Peniel tell shocking stories of being treated with harsh physical violence, neglect and rape.
They often feel unwanted and unloved. A one or two year course at Peniel not only gives them useful skills so they can easily get a job, but it introduces the tender love of Jesus to these image bearers – most are healed by the Anointed One (Luke 4:18).
God has blessed Peniel with wonderfully committed, well qualified women of God who not only teach them skills, but nurture these girls spiritually.
Graduation time becomes a celebration of the grace of God.
A one year investment in a young life costs about $1,000.  Those funds come from World Transform (formerly WD&R) (CRCA) and the National Diaconate Committee (RCNZ). 

Current Needs

Peniel is blessed to have the use of a premises near Bangalore where women can come and learn in a safe environment, however for years this project has had to contend with rapidly rising rent costs and the constant threat of eviction.
There is a real need for a more permanent solution as the situation becomes untenable and so this has birthed plans for the purchase of a vacant block with the intention to purpose build a new facility and free this great work from the constant threat of losing it's home.
So far we have building plans drafted and a vacant block identified for purchase but we need support to get this over the line. If you would like to help Peniel with it's relocation plans please contact us at World Transform and we can give you more information.
Donations are also most welcome for sewing machines, computers and teaching resources.