Kathmandu Earthquake Response

On 4th May 2015 an Earthquake brought huge destruction to Kathmandu.
We joined with “World Renew” to assist with rebuilding.
Here is a part of their Nepal EQ Report. 
Amazing WR completed 281 houses of its 282 houses. Reasons for success:
  • Engineer assistance, Shelter committee and batches fostered ownership by community.
Shelter Project Completed:  houses are now painted an array of colours.
This beneficiary added funds to build a kitchen in between the 2 bedrooms we funded.
Beautiful painting inside the house.
Second project: Completed community structures.
Chautara: Stopped at the Chautara community structure we built in ward 4 where community members gather.Playground in ward 4. Next to school. They now have a place for recess and playing after school.
School Support:
-    1 school received computer and projector, small round tables, rug and cushions for little children to sit on.
-     1 school received chairs, storage cupboard, book shelf, reading board and laptop
-     1 school received support for fence
-    1 school received support towards constructing 2 room classroom and computer.
Third Project is Ongoing Livelihood Recovery 
Visited Demo plot. One of 6.  Teaching proper planting, versus just scattering which wastes.
One more of 6 Demo plots. Sabitri Our CO right in there with the women with her hands in the dirt.
Taught more efficient way of planting in rows, not the traditional high intensity scattering of seeds, which is wasteful and jammed, producing less yield. More work initially but easier to harvest. Beneficiaries are taught proper use and timing of fertilizer (Organic)
Shelter Phase I project:
All 281 houses now have rain water gutter along the front or back of the roof, along with 500 liter Water drum
Second Project visited: Phase II Shelter, Completed Community Structures in ward 6 & 7
Third Project visited:  Livelihood in ward 6 and 7
 2nd demplot I saw, in the middle of houses.
3rd demplot I saw.  Amazing to find such open land.