The Heart Project

Right in the middle of India is the very poor state of Madhya Pradesh. 

World Transform has commenced a development project in the very heart of India.

World Transform (through experienced partners in India) began this holistic development project in April 2015. This is where there is rampant migration, malnutrition and the deaths of children. Food insecurity and deprivation have been worsened because of schemes that do not reach them and corruption in the public distribution system.


This will be in the same area that the GOSPEL evangelists are teaching about the Father heart of God among villages where people are spiritually chained in Hinduism. Apart from the grace of God, they have no hope. Our prayer is that these words from long ago will come to fulfillment also in The Heart Project: “The people walking in darkness have seen a great light.” Isaiah 9:2


Madhya Pradesh has large regions with high levels of illiteracy, inadequate health care, and a lack of food security is common among poor rural people. Women in general are the most disadvantaged people in Indian society. We want to be there for a longer time frame (i.e. at least for two 3-year terms).


Where there is abject poverty, the conditions are there for:

  • vulnerable children to be exploited and enslaved
  • teenage girls to be lured into brothels
  • illiterate villagers to take up a loan when there are poor harvests; ending up becoming the economic slaves of unscrupulous money lenders


World Transform is seeking to break these chains of oppression in some 20 villages near Barwani. We also hope that the people we reach in the Barwani region will be able to also say to Jesus one day: “… you have freed me from my chains.” Psalm 116:16.


Pray that God will bless this program and that these communities will be wonderfully transformed.




The target villages will be self-reliant after two 3-year cycles through:

  • Improvement in agricultural production
  • Stimulate youth education (ensuring girls don’t drop out of school)
  • Teaching about the value and dignity of all image bearers (education for awareness of those at risk of exploitation)
  • Establishment of women’s self help groups
  • Activating savings schemes and links with banks (overcome dependence on money lenders who charge exorbitant interest)
  • Income generation schemes
  • Village leaders linked to local government services
  • Working to improve health and sanitation

We are keen to show that the Kingdom of God is being established in Word and Deed. We hope that believers and unbelievers will see the power of God at work among them.


Because we are channeling funding for this program through TEAR Australia, we are also offering tax deductible donations for The Heart Project. Individuals and corporate sponsors will be able to receive tax deductible receipts if they target their giving to The Heart Project. (Donors need to email their name and contact details to receive a receipt.)


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