CC22 - #02 - New Hens


Bethesda means "House of Grace". The pool of Bethesda is a pool in Jerusalem known from the New Testament account of Jesus miraculously healing a paralysed man. John 5:1-15

Bethesda's main source of income is producing and selling eggs. Without this income the school would simply not be able to operate, as this income provides the students with basic daily living requirements like food and hygiene products.

With the availability of overseas supplies (such as feed and new birds) being unreliable over the past few years, the number of egg laying chickens has been slowly diminishing, We need to rebuild the "flock" so that we can meet the demand for our eggs.

Help us to reach our target of $7,000 for the new chickens. Chickens cost about $7 each and we’d like 1,000 birds, so our giving target is $7,000.

Every $70 = 10 chicks = 1% closer to our target.