CC21 - #23 - Keep Raji at School

CC21 - #23 - Keep Raji at School


Raji's mother Sathia got married

 at 14 to a man with AIDS. Her older sister died as a toddler. Her dad died before she was born. Sathia followed the advice of a Christian counsellor who urged her not to breastfeed Raji. 

In Oct. '19 Raji was a healthy 10-year-old with a very poor, critically ill and dying mother (then aged 28). Each year we make sure she stays at school. With your help (i,e. $8 for pencils and books; $7 for a school bag and $60 towards school fees) Raji can stay at school. $75 a year or 20c per day will make all the difference. 

Without your help she would certainly drop out. Life has been really tough for Raji and many children like her. 

Your gift will have great significance and hugely impact a young life.