CC23 - #01 - Fresh New Linen


Bethesda is the only Disability Training & Support Centre in the whole of the Solomon Islands. Students come for a two-year course. There's no money for some very basic essentials

The old donated towels and sheets from 10 years ago are now all worn and shoddy. Locally sourced materials are synthetic. Sheets are hot and sweaty and towels don't dry. We will buy superior material (bulk discount) and ship in the next container from Australia.

Bless the students at Bethesda.

$50 will get a pair of sheets, pillow cases, bath towels and hand towel.

We also really need a basic washing machine for $800 as the old one broke down. In the Solomons that would be a manual job, but students with disabilities can't easily wash their linen and clothes by hand. 

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